The Gift of the Feminine
RIMA is an intimate container for 12 participants only, happening on the energetically charged island of Ibiza. This enchanting location becomes the fertile soil for an immersive scenario leading to the co-creation of dream-like reality. Using ancient knowledge and modern tools, RIMA alchemizes unique moments and allows meaningful expansion to happen.

Ibiza, Spain
September, 15-19
September, 22 - 26
Diving into the unknown
We are asked every day: "What is RIMA about?"
When every outcome is so unique, profound, and intimate, we find challenging to rely on words to describe the intense experiences happening inside each participant.

RIMA Odyssey is an immersive journey of 4 days constructed like a movie set-up, unfolding a unique adventure and creating memorable rites of passage. It is not a step back from ordinary life but a step into the extraordinary. It is the creation of a new reality. Every day is a unique practice, an undiscovered experience, a rare immersion which plays with feelings and sensations. From immersive experiences, bioenergetic practices, water flow, bodywork, movement, musical journeys, immersive dinners, hypnosis, voice activations and many more activities that can't be named nor put into boxes.

We ask every participant to keep the joy of not knowing, leaving a sense of mystery alive, having this eye for wonder and curiosity, and trusting the flow of the experience. As Alan Watts said: "A completely predictable future is already the past. You've had it! That's not what you want. You want a surprise.”
RIMA: The Gift of the Feminine

Ibiza is mostly known for its deep connection to the Goddess of Tanit, a mystical figure representing the divinity of fertility and creation, protector of the island. This adventure is a tribute to the island, to understand better the femine within us, beyond the gender.

The Feminine essence
Masculine and feminine energies are not gender-bound. When we speak about masculine and feminine aspects of the psyche, we refer to energies that exist in us. Other words may be helpful to better understand these polarities: yin and yang, cauldron and wand, sun and moon. We prefer to approach feminine energy as a universal quality in consciousness.
Beyond duality
Light and dark. Fire and water. Stillness and movement. Day and night. There are binaries and polarities that exist in nature. They are each essential and fundamental for the existence of the other. These apparent opposites are working together. We think, behave, and feel according to the cultural expectations and norms that are held around these binaries. Becoming aware of the imbalances and understanding the different values we place on each is imperative to harmonious living and helps us re-evaluate our feminine and masculine polarities.

A story of reciprocity
Let's question our beliefs that the feminine and masculine exist singularly, or as physical incarnations. Masculine and feminine energies are omnipresent in every setting, every moment, and within each individual person. Observe the dichotomy of the sun and the moon—and how interconnected and essential both are to the functions and movement of this planet. Consider the ways the right and left sides of our brain work together in harmony.
Casa Aydan
Nested in nature, Casa Aydan is an architectural gem that encapsulates perfectly the spirit of Ibiza. Openness: with 14 bedrooms and an exceptional fluidity, Casa Aydan is a space of connection. Harmony: perfectly integrated into nature and with spectacular perspectives, the house creates a unique experience for the senses.
Talents of RIMA
Chief Visionary
Fire Master
Ines Rau
Transgender Model - Actress - Activist
Dream Producer
Memory Guardian
Community Builder & Experience designer
Bird Whisperer & Chef
Alchemy of Water Master
Maria Giulia
Embodiment & Movement
A glimpse of Magic

"Words don’t do justice to describe what happened over these last couple of days. I have discovered a different world, a way of thinking/feeling which I didn’t know existed before."

Philippe, ex-Chef at NOMA - Restaurants owner & Entrepreneur

"Thank you so much for creating this moment outside of normal reality. I learned things I want to carry with me everywhere I go. Humanity inside of you all was really inspiring - seems like there's a new narrative in the spreading."

Maxime, Startup Founder - Investor

"I keep reminding myself to take a deep breath to see if I'm not caught up in a dream. To me RIMA allowed us to open a new door, take a glimpse of what is and has always been with us. This wonderful garden filled with sunshine, full of life and endless magic."

Zoe, Entrepreneur - Model - Life Coach

"I found myself in the middle of this energetical vortex and really started to resonate because I realized we were all going in the same direction. All motivated by the same objective: how to make the world a better place?"

Fabrice, Strategic consultant - Innovator - Storyteller

RIMA is a heart-driven project. ♥️
We are growing because you are growing.
Accommodation and meals are included in the price of the Odyssey.

We accept cryptocurrency.

What are the dates of the Odyssey ?
September, 15-19
September, 22-26

The journey starts from Thursday at 6 pm to Monday 12 pm
How to get to the Villa?
Private transportation will be arranged from Ibiza Airport (8 minutes drive).
Is there any counter-indication for the journey?
Before this experience, we will do a personalized survey to better understand everyone's needs and adjust the experience accordingly.
What if I need to cancel my participation?
Any cancellation less than 15 days before the journey will result in a refund of 50% of the contribution.
It is time to recognize that the hunting era has passed. This should be a more feminine time, a time when women make great contributions to society. If we continue to devalue what women have to offer, we will continue neglecting and devaluing those virtues which are considered feminine. And these are precisely the virtues that the world most needs now.
Karmapa Ugyen Thinley Dorje