RIMA is an intimate container for 12 participants only, a nomadic proposition, a dream of a new reality. We embark you on an enchanted adventure of self-exploration and deep connection, alchemizing unique moments and allowing meaningful expansion to happen.
Odyssey Nº18: Mano
Dates: 5 days experience,
from March to April 2023
Location: Zunya, Costa Rica
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RIMA is an intimate container for 12 participants only.
A nomadic proposition, a dream of a new reality, an immersive transformative experience designed to bring clarity to a mindful community of decision-makers, visionaries and thinkers working in harmony for the future of humanity.
RIMA is best understood, once experienced.
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Dive into the unknown
We are asked every day but what is RIMA? When every outcome is unique, profound, and intimate, we find it challenging to rely solely on words to describe the intense and meaningful experiences happening inside each of our participants.

An Odyssey is a 5 days journey for 12 participants with a team of 8 artists, consciousness explorers, talents, and experts in their fields sharing knowledge and passion around a central theme. These 5 days are designed like a movie immersion, unfolding a unique adventure and creating memorable rites of passage. It is the creation of a new reality. Every day is a unique practice, an undiscovered feeling, a rare immersion playing with surprises and sensations. From immersive experiences, bioenergetic practices, creative workshops, movement, musical journeys, immersive dinners, hypnosis, somatic, and many more activities that can't be put into boxes.

We ask every participant to keep the joy of not knowing, leaving a sense of mystery alive, having this eye for wonder and curiosity, and trusting the flow of the experience. As Alan Watts said: "A completely predictable future is already the past. You've had it! That's not what you want. You want a surprise.”
Every season, RIMA creates a new story and a different theme. This winter, we have designed our journey with 3 propositions.
A hand to feel the precious realm of nature and get into symbiosis with it.
A hand to question our roots, clean our lineage and explore our primal state.
A hand to catalyze our creative power and give us the full power to express.
Winter Narrative:
A Hand to Feel
A Hand to look back
"You didn't come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean." Alan Watts reminds us we cannot separate ourselves from the root. Our hand reminds us of our deep connection with nature and we will enter a state of homeostasis with the vegetal realm.
How do we bond and reconnect with our tribal instinct? How do we reconnect to our ancestors, honor and clean our lineage? Let's use our hands to remember togetherness and the sense of tribe and roots.

Our hand is a powerful tool of creation. We stroke our environment, shape matter and sculpt our reality. How to translate our emotions into physicality?
A Hand to Feel
I am because you are. What have we lost when we separated from each other? When we trap ourselves behind screens? How do we bond and reconnect with our tribal instinct of solidarity and support? The hand is the root of language. Let's use our hands to remember togetherness.

A Hand To Dream
The sky has its own language. With the tips of our fingers, let's connect the dots in the celestial vault and learn how to read the cosmic knowledge. Don't we have the universe in the palm of our hand?

A Hand to Create
Our hand is a powerful tool of creation. How it will guide us as a compass to determine the next path to choose? Let's identify the signs on the way and explore the multiplicities of opportunities.
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In Costa Rica, located in the town of Malpais, Zūnya is a home for the development of cultural and environmentally conscious projects, and a nest of creativity and regeneration. It is also a safe space for everyone to reconnect and deepen their bond with themselves, nature and others.
The route
Day 1 - Thursday - Collective Creation
An immersion into the jungle, entering the path of wonders, one hand at a time.
Starting the journey with poetic situations, cyanotype hand-prints, and collective intentional creation. The ecosophy introduction circle will reveal to us a new sight into the principles of nature, symbiotic process and our ecology of perception.
Day 2 - Friday - Our Roots
We will shift our approach to what nourishes our species, grows our environment, and shapes our behaviors. Throughout symbolic creation and expression, we will go deep into our lineage, looking back at our ancestors, honoring what has been done, and leaving behind what no longer serves us.
Day 3 - Saturday - Expansion
Resetting our social dynamics with an exploration of primal tribe communicative behavior. A complete trust of your senses and activation of natural instincts to decipher and play with true social and emotional connection in a non-verbal, trance-state, sense-deprived, flow-induced altered state of consciousness. Introducing the RIMA Deep Dive: a long night of psychomagic and poetic acts throughout an intense and profound individual odyssey.
Day 4 - Sunday - Creation
A mind-expansive day towards creation. A dive into our power of expression, giving us guidance toward our purpose and celebrating new possibilities in life. A deep reflection on the profound events that happened individually and were shared collectively.
Day 5 - Monday
A smooth landing and an soft adjustment to a fresh perceptions of reality.
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The RIMA Odyssey goes way beyond the 5 days journey. This transformative experience creates benefits and growth on an individual level and within an incredible community for a life-time.

In order for this community to be enriching, multi-facets, unique, it needs to be diverse and dynamic. This is why we offer several level of access.
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For the 99 percent of the time we've been on Earth, we were hunters and gatherers, our lives dependent on knowing the fine, small details of our world. Deep inside, we still have a longing to be reconnected with the nature that shaped our imagination, our language, our song and dance, our sense of the divine.
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Janine M. Benyus
Words don’t do justice to describe what happened over these last couple of days. I have discovered a different world, a way of thinking/feeling which I didn’t know existed before.
A Glimpse of Magic

Thank you so much for creating this moment outside of normal reality. I learned things I want to carry with me everywhere I go. Humanity inside of you all was really inspiring - seems like there's a new narrative in the spreading.
I keep reminding myself to take a deep breath to see if I'm not caught up in a dream. To me RIMA allowed us to open a new door, take a glimpse of what is and has always been with us. This wonderful garden filled with sunshine, full of life and endless magic.

–– Maxime, Startup Founder - Investor

–– Zoe, Entrepreneur - Model - Life Coach
–– Philippe, ex-Chef at NOMA - Restaurants owner & Entrepreneur
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