3 days are designed to bring together individuals at the forefront of immersive experiences, transformative retreats, and impactful art & community projects. We aim to gather, learn, amplify, share, and connect to envision the future of the field.
April, 16-19th 2024 |
Check-in - Tuesday, 16th from 1pm
Check-out - Friday 19th, 1pm
Ramatuelle, France
Preserved area behind the bustling Saint-Tropez, Cap Lardier is a genuine green lung still non-urbanised in the golfe. It’s in the heart of this protected landscape area that the private property Les Brouis stands, extending for more than 20 hectares of untouched nature.

The property, nestled in lush greenery and hidden from view, overlooks the seashore. Mixing wood, stone and lime in a simple and light luxury, this peaceful haven offers a unique and authentic experience in the heart of a natural and discrete place.
Our intentions
3 days to connect with the main actors of transformative experiences
Generate new ideas and creative solutions to challenges we face in our missions.

Take a step back from our daily operations to reflect on our progress, challenges, and future directions.

Share Knowledge
Exchange insights and best practices from our respective fields to enrich our understanding and approaches.

Find common ground and align our efforts towards shared goals and objectives.

Gather and spontaneously create together to find open new possibilities for creation
Create a safe context of mutual understanding and growth support
People on the invite list:

Charles Michel: Founder @M/F
James Walman: Ceo @World Experience Org
Swan Carl: Founder @Institute of Devotional
Sam Kern: Founder @Experience House
Abraham Burickson: Founder @Odysseyworks
Paul Bulencea: Co-founder @College of Extraordinary Experience
Theodore Bajard: Founder @RIMA Experience
Frances Vieras Blanc: Founder @Eat the Cake Studio
Pierre Olivier Marty founder @High Life Experience + Hedone
Charlotte Terrien Director of program @Beqoming
Mathia Milani Founder @Tierra iris
Sebastian Torres ex-SpaceX - Rimaexperience
Rosemary Koesling - Head of the Google Experience institute
Karina Dubina founder @Studioawe
Andrei Ornish Founder @The Garden

Here is the cost breakdown for the gathering (16 participants maximum)
  • €6,150
    Total cost to be divided by the number of participants
  • (€4,350
    3 nights house rental price + cleaning
  • (€1200
    Chef and assistant on-site
  • (€950
    Food ingredients
The gathering will start officially on Tuesday 16th in the afternoon and finish on Thursday 19th after lunch.