RIMA is an intimate container for 12 participants only, a nomadic proposition, a dream of a new reality. We embark you on an enchanted adventure of self-exploration and deep connection, alchemizing unique moments and allowing meaningful expansion to happen.
Odyssey 25 Onboarding
Participants agreement
Zero Block
Welcome to RIMA.

We believe that magic comes from keeping the mystery and being open to diving into the unknown, however, we would love to give you some guidelines to best prepare for the experience.
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create your own block from scratch
Dress code: Get inspired by ‘The Mirage of Desires’ by choosing fabrics and accessories that give you the freedom of movement as well as the liberation of your unique expression.
April in Nice is a mixture of humidity and colder temperatures when the sun drops, so consider this when you pack.
Fabulous evening clothes and beautiful accessories are always welcome at Rima, just remember to bring a warm jacket, shawls and layers in case you need them.
You will need comfortable clothes for movement activities, as well as one pair of trainers
Please also bring comfortable shoes for walking across the land if you prefer shoes rather than trainers
A reusable water bottle
And anything that inspires you that you want to bring, because your magic is ours too.

Participant Agreement

I hereby voluntarily and knowingly release, discharge, waive and relinquish any and all actions or causes of action for personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death, including but limited to loss of services, occurring to me which may arise as a result of engaging in, receiving instructions about, or in conjunction with, any activities incidental to such activities, whenever such may occur. I further agree that under no circumstances I will make, prosecute or present any claim against RIMA EXPERIENCE, identification number: 16653460 for any act or omission or due to their negligence relating to such activities or from ownership, maintenance, use, operation or control of any automobile, inn, hotel, common carrier, or otherwise.

It is my intention by signing this document, to exempt and relieve RIMA EXPERIENCE, identification number: 16653460, and their agents, servants, and employees from liability for personal injury, personal damage, wrongful death and loss of services whether caused by negligence or gross negligence or otherwise.

By signing this document, I acknowledge that I assume the risk of personal injury. personal damage, wrongful death or loss of services upon myself. I further agree that in the event that I, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, prosecute any such claim against RIMA EXPERIENCE, identification number: 16653460. I shall indemnify and hold them harmless from any and all loss liability, including cost and attorney fees.

I further acknowledge that I am not under the influence of alcohol, nor am I taking any
drugs that are contraindicated for this activity. That I release RIMA EXPERIENCE, identification number: 16653460 from any responsibility whatsoever that might happen from participating in groups, therapies, sessions, treatments, meditations, or any other activity happening at RIMA EXPERIENCE.
I understand that RIMA EXPERIENCE may take photos at events or around the village, which may be used for web, social media, or marketing purposes, and shared with event attendees. I understand that if at any time I want my photo removed, I can contact RIMA EXPERIENCE.

That I have read this agreement, understand it fully, and agree to be bound by it. If I am not fluent in English, I affirm that this document has been fully translated and explained to me to my full understanding.
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