RIMA is an intimate container for 12 participants only, a nomadic proposition, a dream of a new reality. We embark you on an enchanted adventure of self-exploration and deep connection, alchemizing unique moments and allowing meaningful expansion to happen.
La Mano
March - April 2023
Odyssey 18-19-20, Zunya, Costa Rica

A journey into self, nature, and the dance between.
Discover our costarican Sanctuary
In the heart of lush Costa Rica, RIMA invited 12 daring souls for a five-day adventure that blurred the lines between dream and reality. This experience was an accelerator for creativity, clarity and allow new participants to connect with a strong community of change-makers worldwide.
Costa Rica
An Enchanted Retreat Amidst Nature's Grandeur

Often referred to as the 'Switzerland of Central America', Costa Rica is not merely a destination. It's an emotive journey through nature's untamed splendor. From its radiant beaches to its mysterious cloud forests, every corner of Costa Rica brims with life, making it the ultimate backdrop for our odyseeys.

In the heart of this captivating country, we discovered Zūnya, a special haven.

Situated in the serene town of Malpais, Zūnya isn't just a place; it's the embodiment of a transformative experience vision that promotes individual growth, creative exploration, and dedication to the planet. It's for this reason we chose to host our odysseys there.

Journey to inner landscapes

A five-day awakening

Day 1 - Thursday - Embarked on the Trail of Marvels

We ventured into the heart of the jungle, treading the trail of marvels, step by poetic step. The day unfolded with poetic experiences, unique cyanotype handprints, and shared moments of creation. Our ecosophy moment presented a renewed vision of nature's tenets, mutualistic processes, and how we perceive our environment.

Day 2 - Friday - Reflected on Our Origins

Our focus shifted to the elements that sustained us, nurtured our surroundings, and molded our actions. Through symbolic crafting and articulation, we journeyed into our heritage, paying respect to our forebears, recognizing their contributions, and letting go of outdated burdens. Intensive purposeful activities guided us through significant rites of passage, celebrating the enchantment and potent transformation that took place.

Day 3 - Saturday - Underwent Fundamental Unfolding

We revitalized our communal ties, delving deep into ancient tribal communication practices. Fully trusting our intuition, we awakened our innate reflexes to interpret and engage in genuine non-verbal emotional bonds in a hypnotic, sensory-reduced, and flow-state altered consciousness. We were introduced to the RIMA Deep Dive: an evening filled with psychomagic and lyrical performances marking a deep and momentous personal journey.

Day 4 - Sunday - Embraced the Essence of Creation

The day was devoted to the expansion of our minds and our creative prowess. Immersing ourselves in our expressive capabilities, we sought guidance on our life's mission and rejoiced in life's opportunities that arose. We pondered the significant occurrences that we experienced individually and shared as a group. We charted our creative capabilities, acknowledging that we held the instruments needed to effect change in the world we envisioned together.

Day 5 - Monday

We experienced a gentle descent, readjusting to a newly enlightened perspective on reality.

This revision provides a retrospective view of the described events, portraying them as experiences that have already taken place.

"A door to a new world opened. RIMA showed me a magical garden." - Maxime, Startup Founder - Investor

"An extraordinary reality, lessons for a lifetime." - Zoe, Entrepreneur - Model - Life Guide

"RIMA, an awakened dream." - Philippe, ex-Chef at NOMA - Restaurateur & Entrepreneur
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