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RIMA is the dream of a new reality: an authentic catalyst coded for individual and collective growth.

We are creating Odysseys: nomadic and unprecedented transformative experiences for 12 participants in the world's most extraordinary places. We embark you on an enchanted adventure of self-exploration and deep connection, alchemizing unique moments and allowing meaningful expansion to happen.
Tilda Publishing
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RIMA Odyssey 18
March - April 2023

We are a community-powered poetic story, using transformative experiences to restore our sense of wonder, celebrating playfulness and spontaneity in life. Through sequences, stories, rituals, and immersive experiences, we are inviting people to uncover, to reveal, to undress, to unveil. We are welcoming cracks, vulnerability, and flaws so we can show up as the best version of ourselves through joy, celebration, and meaning. We are opening the door to integrating new narratives into our lives and moving together towards a common objective: making the world we live in a better place. Through trust, knowledge, and community, we reclaim our power to become the change agents that the world crucially needs today.