RIMA is an artistic and collective journey of 5 days empowering 12 participants to unlock their innate creativity and open new realms of possibilities.
Tilda Publishing

We believe in the power of art to transform our lives. We create cinematic immersive sequences for you to connect with an expansive and vibrant reality, unlocking profound insights to enrich your life.
"I’ve been around the block with my share of creative workshops and retreats. The experience at RIMA, rightfully called an “Odyssey,” was head and shoulders above anything else I have attended."
"Words don’t do justice to describe what happened over these last couple of days. I have discovered a different world, a way of thinking/feeling which I didn’t know existed before."

Philippe, ex-Chef at NOMA - Restaurants owner & Entrepreneur
Susan Weston M. - President at FCE Licensed mental health counselor

"Rima was like a door taking me back home, to my inner world. A reconnection with the very essence of who I am and have become. I felt many, I felt one. A human bonding experience that feeds your soul to the deepest."

Laetitia M. Founder & CEO Oani Studio
"Suddenly, I found myself inside a capsule with dissolved borders between reality and imagination."
Alfredo C. - Managing Partner at Glisco Partners, Private Equity
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