RIMA: Timeless Mirage
RIMA is an intimate container of a maximum of 12 participants happening in the historical and energetically charged place of Skoura in Morocco. This enchanting location becomes the fertile soil of an immersive scenario leading to the co-creation a dream-like reality. Using ancient knowledge and modern tools, we are alchemizing unique moments and allowing meaningful expansion to happen.

Skoura, Morocco
July, 7-11, 2022
July, 14-18, 2022
Diving into the unknown
We are asked every day: "What is RIMA about?"
When every outcome is so unique, profound, and intimate, we find challenging to rely on words to describe the intense experiences happening inside each participant.

RIMA Odyssey is an immersive journey with a constructed narrative of 4 days constructed like a movie set-up, unfolding an incredible adventure and creating memorable rites of passage. It is not a step back from ordinary life but a step into the extraordinary. It is the creation of a new reality. Every day is a unique practice, an undiscovered experience, a rare immersion which plays with feelings and sensations. From bioenergetic practices to watsu, bodywork, movement, immersive dinners, musical journeys, hypnosis, voice activations and many more activities that can't be named nor put into boxes.

We ask every participant to keep the joy of not knowing, leaving a sense of mystery alive, having this eye for wonder and curiosity, and trusting the flow of experience. As Alan Watts said: "A completely predictable future is already the past. You've had it! That's not what you want. You want a surprise.”
RIMA: Timeless Mirage

Skoura, gateway to the desert, is a unique island of greenery in the middle of arid lands. Guided by the stars in this mystical territory, travellers, and nomads, have found themselves for centuries striving for life and survival, but also searching for meaning.

Time is an illusion
Some places in the world are shifting our perceptions of time. Why is time controversial? It feels real, always there, inexorably moving forward. Time has a flow, runs like a river. Time has a direction, always advances. Time has duration, a quantifiable period between events. Time is a psychological construction that arises out of our need to make sense of the changing universe around us. For 4 days, we are exploring how time shapes our behaviors and our psyche by totally disconnecting from our linear concept of time. We are creating a time capsule, redefining the meaning of time.
Stopping Time
Imagine stepping out of your bedroom not knowing what time is it? Entering a lush garden bathed in sunshine. Time expands as the sun and the moon guides your steps. Time is yours and the present is what matters the most.
If we put clocks away from our environment, we must rely on other reference points to make decisions and move through the day.
For four days, you will be invited to notice with more precision the inner movements and feelings of your body as well as the externals and subtle signs of nature.
A total immersion

What can we learn from silence? As Blaise Pascal said "all men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone."

What if we shifted our attention from our thinking mind to engage with our senses, feeling the depth of this mysterious land and surrendering to its timeless beauty.

The House of Dreams
Surrounded by a lush edenic garden, “La Maison des Rêves” Dar Ahlam is a traditional Kasbah at the gateway to the Moroccan desert near Ouarzazate, in the magnificent oasis of Skoura.

In a perfect harmony of colors, materials, and fabrics, this temple of refinement and design is inspired by the spirit of the seasons and in constant metamorphosis. An Alchemy of luxury and nature, of traditions and authenticity immersed in an enchanted land of timeless beauty.

The hours of the day each tell a different story filled with mysteries that you are free to seize or to let slip away, like a daydream that you hold on to in order to prolong it.
A glimpse of Magic

"Words don’t do justice to describe what happened over these last couple of days. I have discovered a different world, a way of thinking/feeling which I didn’t know existed before."

Philippe, ex-Chef at NOMA - Restaurants owner & Entrepreneur

"Thank you so much for creating this moment outside of normal reality. I learned things I want to carry with me everywhere I go. Humanity inside of you all was really inspiring - seems like there's a new narrative in the spreading."

Maxime, Startup Founder - Investor

"I keep reminding myself to take a deep breath to see if I'm not caught up in a dream. To me RIMA allowed us to open a new door, take a glimpse of what is and has always been with us. This wonderful garden filled with sunshine, full of life and endless magic."

Zoe, Entrepreneur - Model - Life Coach

"I found myself in the middle of this energetical vortex and really started to resonate because I realized we were all going in the same direction. All motivated by the same objective: how to make the world a better place?"

Fabrice, Strategic consultant - Innovator - Storyteller

RIMA is a heart-driven project. ♥️
We are growing because you are growing.
Accommodation and meals are included in the price of the Odyssey.

We accept cryptocurrency.

We offer the possibility to stay one night extra on Sunday night.
  • Single Bedroom
    2200 euros all-inclusive for 4 nights of accommodation, 4 days of immersive experiences, workshops, activities, and all meals.
  • Shared bedroom
    1750 euros all-inclusive for 4 nights of accommodation, 4 days of immersive experiences, workshops, activities, and all meals.
"We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever."
Carl Sagan