Join our Movement: become an Architect of RIMA
For the last three years, RIMA has developed and approved a methodology that has changed the lives of hundreds. Today, we are transitioning into a non-profit organization (501c3) and embarking on a new chapter. You are a part of this new story.
More than a retreat, RIMA is a collective with a methodology that provides creative solutions for high-impact individuals through innovative self-development practices, artistic immersive experiences and a supportive community of change makers.
Why Becoming an Architect of RIMA?
RIMA is pioneering a unique field of research in the transformative power of art. We have established a 'Research Lab' that channels creative talents and contemporary artists into our Odysseys. By becoming an Architect, you actively contribute to the expansion of an unprecedented art project.
Our Plan
This year, we want to invest in our community of talents, collaborate with renowned contemporary artists, team-up with world-class facilitators, elevate the level of details, magic and make sure we have a dedicated team fully dedicated to these moments of transformations.
What Rewards Can You Expect?
As an Architect of RIMA, you will join an exclusive group of 15 members with special benefit:

A. Custom-made events and immersion nights

B. Complementary access for or a varying number of people of your choice (according to your level)

C. Individual health & care-program from our team and our partner Functional Medicine Clinic.
How It Works?
Become an architect of the Future of RIMA in 3 simple steps.

Add your email address so we send you the full brochure

2.Choose your level
Select your Architect level and how much you want to contribute

3. Financial and Legal
Our leadership and non-profit lawyers will get in touch with you to discuss Tax Benefits and details.

Your generous donation empowers our mission: While contributions are non-refundable, they play a vital role in enabling us to make a meaningful impact in our community.