"That moment is when you come out the other end of a rabbit hole and discover that it wasn’t a dream. It’s all real. They are here to remind us that we are all magicians of our lives."
It is one of those journeys that you’re not sure you’re ever prepared for, but the moment you arrive, you realize that all of reality was waiting for you... to have the exact experiences coalesce into a single kaleidoscopic adventure down the rabbit hole, with beginnings...
To the south, we drive with the rising of the crescent moon of Eid al-Adha, through the Atlas Mountains, where the Berber tribes crisscrossed with the dromedary for millennia. Now, it would be our caravan of 4x4s venturing through the crevices of the desert mountains, over layers of rock and dust upon more rock and dust.
Up ahead, the first 4x4 of the caravan slows, followed by the next, and then the next. We had arrived. Stretches of silence surrounded us, with only the voice of the wind. Perched on top of a cliff, outstretched before us we could see a valley with an aisle of water flowing through the middle. To the west, the sun had already begun lowering his chapeau, yielding to the centurions of clouds advancing from the north.
On the periphery, lay an oasis of red rugs on bare earth, with lit lanterns inviting us to come down.
I took off my sandals and walked down the rocky hill toward the magic carpets. Where were we? Such magnificence. I thought about Jesus and his forty-day vision quest in the desert. Jodorowsky could have filmed his Holy Mountain here.
The clouds roll directly above us, and water falls from the heavens. No sooner are we wrapping one another in rugs as we marvel at the untouched valley before us?
The rain comes and goes just long enough for us to receive the desert’s blessing. The final yawns of the sun give way behind the mountains, and the moment for us to put on our blindfolds has arrived.

“Now, take hold of the rope.”

I do as instructed and move in the rope’s direction. Step by step, with the sounds of drums and music weaving in and around me, I advance. Blind leading the blind across, the rain-drenched earth, mud oozing between my toes.
Ahead of me, I hear water movement. Before I am able to cipher where we might be headed, the cool refreshing touch of the stream blankets my swollen feet, only briefly though until we come onto gravel again.
“Let go of the rope. You can remove your masks now.”
Traces of Sunset had vanished, with only the flickering lights of the lanterns to cast the shadows of the surrounding hills. We had entered Nuit’s dominion.


I must pause here, for if I divulge much more, then there’d be no mystery.
What brought us to the mouth of the Sahara Desert? Why had 12 or so of us voluntarily surrendered our phones for five days, and blindly followed?
I can’t speak for others, but for me, I was seeking an experience to fan the flames of inspiration as I wrote my book. For months, I tried to finish the edits, but every time I made a little progress, I’d stop. Procrastination was my cowardice way of preventing feedback or criticism that awaited once my book was out for all to see.
Fortunately, there are friends who come into your life to remind you to get the hell out of your head and marvel at the beauty that surrounds you. Between Theo’s candle fetish, Eugenia’s dance sirens, and David’s wardrobe chest, I knew that if I went to Morocco with them on their Timeless Mirage RIMA experience, I would come back with new ideas and connections— like having your world altered after a great novel or play.
So what is RIMA exactly? RIMA draws its name from the meaning of a crack or fissure, and it also means rhyme in Spanish. It’s the crack that allows light to seep through darkness, a portal into another world.
RIMA is an exploration on the nature of reality. What is reality? And to answer that question, one must embrace the roles of voyeur— the curious observer– and the object. Are you ready to see and be seen? All the world’s a stage, we’re all players and directors of our lives, and we need an audience. RIMA orchestrates an elaborate
symphony of scenes for you to become a voyeur and participate in one of the greatest moments of all time. That moment is when you come out the other end of a rabbit hole and discover that it wasn’t a dream. It’s all real. They are here to remind us that we are all magicians of our lives. When you bring a troupe of magicians to co-create magic, there’s room to co-exist as voyeur and actor.
RIMA is a fully immersive theatrical storytelling experience where your presence means that you are not just an audience, but a character, actor, and co-creator simultaneously. The RIMA experience is a theatrical labyrinth that invites us to explore the Elysian mysteries in the everyday, through a story that unfolds over five days. Any good story asks tough questions from multiple perspectives, with protagonist, antagonist, character foils, symbols, challenges, and mentors along the way. Come out with a better understanding of your role as the magician and co-creator of your life. Where do the Universe and Fool coalesce?
We don’t need gurus or drugs to know the answer. RIMA reminds us that all we have to do is look up at the sky, read the constellations, and look to the elements of earth, water, fire, and air to understand that everything has been designed to sublime beauty. But beauty always comes at a price. We know this, for there would not be a crack of light that inspires us to dance, tenderly hold the child inside, forgive ourselves, and be unmistakably radiant.

Author: Genevieve Kim

Odyssey 14 -Timeless Mirage
"We don’t need gurus or drugs to know the answer. RIMA reminds us that all we have to do is look up at the sky, read the constellations".