RIMA is an intimate container for 12 participants only, a nomadic proposition, a dream of a new reality. We embark you on an enchanted adventure of self-exploration and deep connection, alchemizing unique moments and allowing meaningful expansion to happen.
Odyssey Nº25: Mirage of Desires
April 4 - 8 / April 11 - 15
Location: Ramatuelle, France
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RIMA offers a creative methodology that involves innovative self-development practices and curated artistic immersive experiences. In a 5-day collective journey, 12 participants are empowered to open new realms of possibilities.
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The map of our Desires
From hidden desires to concrete actions
  • “I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.”
    - Mark Twain
    • Are my desires truly what I believe them to be?
    • How has my environment shaped my desires?
    • If happiness is the difference between my expectations and my reality, how can I influence both?
    • How can I gain clarity on my desires, moving from a place of lack to a place of power?
  • “There is nothing that belief plus a burning desire cannot make real.”
    -Napoleon Hill

    • Do I perceive myself worthy of my desires?
    • Are there any blockages that prevent me from fulfilling my purpose?
    • What specific actions can I take today that will bring me closer to my desires?
    • How can I leverage my community or network to support my journey towards taking concrete actions?
  • “We are all rushing – rushing for somewhere there in the future, life is short and time is fleeting. And we go on rushing, and where do we reach? We reach only our graves." -Osho
    • How to reconnect with the present moment to look at life with content?
    • How moments of stillness are important to find clarity and recalibrate deepest desires?
    • How does the pursuit of future desires distract from the richness of my current experiences?
Our pillars
RIMA offers a creative methodology that involves innovative self-development practices, curated artistic immersive experiences, and a global community of change-makers.
Immersive nights
In every Odyssey, we are preparing 3 immersive nights inviting participants to discover a dream-world where we can directly find meanings using the power of stories, myths and symbols. Immersive experiences have the unique ability to transport us to alternative realms and challenge our preconceived notions of reality.
Collective workshops
RIMA creates a platform for talented creatives and practitioners to create custom-made workshops. They are an invitation to embark on a profound and enriching exploration of self. Participants are guided to unravel the layers of their being and emerge with newfound clarity, resilience, and a deeper understanding of themselves.
The community
RIMA inspires and connects more than 50 nationalities of change agents, creative leaders, decisions-makers and community builders around the world.
The community has a strong presence in the following places: New York, Ibiza, Lisbon, Morocco, Mexico City, Florence and Costa Rica.
"Every desire has enriched me more than the always false possession of the very object of my desire."
André Gide