Sintra: New Horizons
RIMA is an intimate container of a maximum of 10 people happening in historical and energetic locations like Ibiza, Mexico, Sintra, or Morocco. These places become the fertile soil of an immersive scenario where 8 facilitators along with the guests are co-creating a dream-like reality. In this container, using ancient knowledge and modern tools, we are alchemizing unique moments and allowing meaningful expansion to happen.

Sintra, Portugal
Spring 2022
A dive into the unknown
We are asked every day: "What is RIMA about?"
When every outcome is unique, profound, and intimate, we find challenging to rely on words to describe intense experiences happening inside of our guests.

RIMA Odyssey is an immersive journey with a constructed narrative of 4 days like a movie set-up, unfolding an incredible adventure, creating memorable rites of passage. It is not a step back from ordinary life but a step into the extraordinary. This is the creation of a new reality. Every day is a unique practice, an undiscovered experience, a rare immersion playing with sensations. From bioenergetic to watsu, bodywork, movement practices, immersive dinner, musical journeys, hypnosis, voice activation, and many more activities that don't like to be called names or put into boxes.

We ask every participant to keep the joy of not knowing, leaving a sense of mystery alive, having this eye for wonder and curiosity, and trusting the flow of experience. As Alan Watts said: "A completely predictable future is already the past. You've had it! That's not what you want. You want a surprise.”
Sintra: New Horizons

Just as the early explorers from Portugal charted new geographical landscapes relying on maps and sextants, and the promise of discovery, the 21st Century explorer is guided to span the complexities of an interconnected world and explore the power of consciousness. As a new generation of explorers, we need advanced navigation skills, map-reading abilities for the mother-sea mind, the oceanic source of awareness.

The glory-seeking adventurer of old is giving way to explorers who want to understand the planet rather than dominate it.

The Exploration Within
As we are looking for meaning and answers in a limited external environment, we realized our inside world is infinite. Maybe there is a teaching in observing our close environment, our inner world and maybe finding new uncharted territories?
The Hero Journey
Montaigne said, “It is the journey, not the arrival, that matters.” We want to know how the explorers contended with the journey: the hardship, doubts, setbacks and even success; we relish the stories of explorers because they show the rest of us how to go far away, and come back again. It is the return that creates the example of testing the limits.
The Tip of the Voyage
When life is a journey, how can we make peace with the constant impermanence and randomness of life? What is our relationship to the uncertainty of life but most importantly to the certainty of death? Perhaps we were born into a world that no longer wants to hear about death, and which today, having achieved its ends, without understanding that it has suddenly condemned itself to no longer hearing about grace.
Sintra: A glorious Garden of Eden
Sintra is one of the most mystical idyllic destinations in Portugal. Its sudden and mysterious mists, farms, palaces, and mansions dotting its verdant hills, and the novels, poems, and artworks it has inspired have helped to make this town a unique, magical, and utterly compelling destination. Place of passions loves, joys, and dreams… Stage of stories and magic, where we are confronted with paths and doors that, transposed, put us in contact with our true Self.
Talents of RIMA
Chief Visionary
Fire Master
Dream Producer
Memory Guardian
Community Builder
Bird Whisperer & Chef
Dream Fairy
The explorer's journey
Day 1 - Thursday
Meeting point in Lisbon at 18:30
As the sun sets, we immerse into the darkness with a feast for all senses
Day 2 - Friday
An exploration of our inner and outer beings through breath, shadow work, local curiosities and poetic tales
Day 3 - Saturday
A deep dive into the unknown exploring our relationship with the great mystery of life and death
Day 4 - Sunday
Cultivating presence in our body and mind and rebirthing in our true essence
Day 5 - Monday
A tasty flow of morning delights, opening a door to new beginnings!
13:00 arrival back in Lisbon 
A glimpse of Magic

"Words don’t do justice to describe what happened over these last couple of days. I have discovered a different world, a way of thinking/feeling which I didn’t know existed before."

Philippe, ex-Chef at NOMA - Restaurants owner & Entrepreneur

"Thank you so much for creating this moment outside of normal reality. I learned things I want to carry with me everywhere I go. Humanity inside of you all was really inspiring - seems like there's a new narrative in the spreading."

Maxime, Startup Founder - Investor

"I keep reminding myself to take a deep breath to see if I'm not caught up in a dream. To me RIMA allowed us to open a new door, take a glimpse of what is and has always been with us. This wonderful garden filled with sunshine, full of life and endless magic."

Zoe, Entrepreneur - Model - Life Coach

"I found myself in the middle of this energetical vortex and really started to resonate because I realized we were all going in the same direction. All motivated by the same objective: how to make the world a better place?"

Fabrice, Strategic consultant - Innovator - Storyteller

Welcome to RIMA Registration
Please select a journey
Let us know if you have any questions or would like to share another information.
Welcome to RIMA Registration
Please select a journey
Let us know if you have any questions or would like to share another information.
What are the dates of the journey?
April, 28 - May, 2
May, 12 - 16
May, 26 - 30
June, 9 -13
How long does the Odyssey last?
The journey starts from Thursday 6 pm to Monday 10 am so a total of 4 days.
How to get to Sintra?
The journey starts with the ride. The meeting point is in the center of Lisbon at 6pm. The cost of transportation is 30 euros per person.
Is there any counter-indication for the journey?
Before this experience, we will do a personalized survey to better understand everyone's needs and adjust the experience accordingly.
What if I need to cancel my participation?
Any cancellation less than 10 days before the journey will result in a refund of 50% of the contribution.
I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life
— Corazon Aquino